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Quality Control

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Quality control at Rayco of Schenectady is an integral part of our CNC machining, water jet cutting, and metal finishing and plating services. We operate an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing facility in Amsterdam, New York and support a Kaizen 5S program for continuous improvement. Rayco is also a GE-qualified plater on critical-to-quality parts and maintains an in-house testing laboratory.

CNC Machining Quality Control

To maintain the highest quality during CNC machining, Rayco uses multiple quality control methods, including both automated and operator inspections. Machine tool probing systems attach directly to CNC equipment and inspect part quality during machining operations. By readily identifying and correcting errors, on-machine inspection reduces the number of defects.

Water Jet Cutting Quality Control

At Rayco, quality control is also an important part of water jet cutting. Speed control is especially critical because while low cutting speeds produce better edge quality, cutting speeds that are too low can have an increased kerf angle. By closely monitoring abrasive mixing, water jet stream diameter, and nozzle height, our skilled operators can avoid water jet cut parts with striations and rough edges.

Metal Plating Quality Control

Metal plating at Rayco adds value to our water jet cutting and CNC machining services. Because we are GE-qualified plater for critical-to-quality parts, we have a thickness-based certification for each metal plating process. Our commitment to plating quality also ensure that your plated parts, including large parts made of plated steel, pass an infusion test and free of blemishes.

Environmental Sustainability and Testing Laboratory

For each of our finishing processes, Rayco complies with environmental regulations as part of our commitment to sustainability. Our full-onsite testing laboratory includes an analytical machine for measuring metallic concentrations in liquids and an X-ray fluorescence machine for measuring metallic thickness and composition. For generic tests, we also have wet chemistry equipment for bit titrations.

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ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.
Fully equipped and maintained mechanical gauging and standards.
Up to date calibrations on all QA equipment.
ISO certified Chem/ Materials lab
Sheffield/Hexagon CMM.
Complete part and material traceability.

Our Quality Policy

Rayco Of Schenectady Inc. strives to be a leader in the machining and protective finishing processes. Our focus is to provide quality partson time delivery and superb customer satisfaction. Our staff is constantly seeking ways to improve our products and processes to provide customers with the best possible services.