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CNC Machining

Multi-axis CNC machining from Rayco combines the precision of computer-controlled fabrication with the efficiency of a single setup and shorter tooling. Multi-axis machining improves surface finish as the tool moves tangentially across the part’s surface. We’ve also implemented a robotic arm to the manufacturing process, meaning there’s no need for operators to perform repetitive tasks, which results in shorter cycle times and greater repeatability.

With table sizes up to 120” x 35”, Rayco’s machining capabilities support virtually unlimited lengths. CAD/CAM programming using SolidWorks and MasterCAM is built-in on all vertical and horizontal machining services. We also offer CNC turning along with water jet cutting, metal finishing and plating.

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CNC Machining Capabilities


CNC Vertical Machining Icon

CNC Vertical Machining

CNC vertical machining at Rayco uses vertically-oriented tools that approach the workpiece from above. It’s ideal for flatwork, especially for the high-precision production of machined metal parts. With Rayco’s 4-axis vertical machining center (VMC), cutting occurs while the fourth axis (A-axis) rotates. This rotation allows the VMC to cut the workpiece around the B-axis, which can be used as a milling spindle.

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CNC Horizontal Machining

CNC horizontal machining uses horizontally-oriented tools with rotating cylindrical cutters that move along multiple axes to create three-dimensional parts. With Rayco’s horizontal machining center (HMC), chips readily fall away from the table. A pallet changer supports unattended operations, promoting greater milling efficiency for jobs of any size.

CNC Turning

CNC Turning

CNC turning holds and rotates bar stock while a cutting tool removes material to create the desired shape. We can manufacture parts of all sizes and shapes including round, square, or hexagonal. Applications for our fast, accurate CNC turning services include aircraft landing gear, turbine engine parts, and engine and transmission components.

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Prototype CNC Machining

Prototype CNC machining creates samples or small batches of parts before full-scale production begins. This allows us to review and refine your design for manufacturability. At Rayco we have the in-house capabilities to turn your ideas into reality and advance your projects.

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Production CNC Machining

Production machining produces high volumes of parts quickly and accurately. At Rayco of Schenectady, we help our customers achieve everything from multi-axis aircraft machining to precision medical components. Our extensive production machining services and demonstrated commitment to quality ensures optimized fabrication across a range of use cases.