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Medical machined components pictured such as rods in a hip implant and dental tools

Rayo of Schenectady provides medical machined components to manufacturers of medical devices and equipment. We offer CNC machining, water jet cutting, and metal finishing services at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility in Amsterdam, New York (USA). For complete solutions to your medical manufacturing challenges, we combine precision machining with value-added services, including plating and product assembly.

Types of Medical Machined Components

Medical machined components from Rayco include:

  • Hip replacements and knee implants
  • Surgical tools
  • Medical equipment
  • Custom prosthetics
  • Small orthopedic hardware (plates, screws, rods)
  • Medical device prototypes
  • Dental tools and implants

To produce these and other medical parts, Rayco typically uses multi-axis CNC equipment to achieve intricate geometries, precision tolerances, and features such as drilled holes that facilitate product assembly.

CNC Machining Medical Devices and Equipment

Rayco’s multi-axis CNC machining equipment moves a cutting tool in four directions and uses rotary and parallel linear axes to speed operations. Because the tool cutter moves along all of these axes, complete machining operations are possible with a single setup. Multi-axis machining also provides greater versatility and accuracy.

Medical CNC Machining Materials

CNC-machined medical parts that come in contact with patients must be made of biocompatible materials like titanium and PEEK. Both of these materials are challenging to machine because they generate excessive amounts of heat. Moreover, coolants may be prohibited because of concerns about contamination. Rayco has the experience and expertise to overcome these and other challenges.   

Machining Titanium

For example, when it comes to machining titanium, Rayco can coat the metal to handle high machining temperatures and maintain optimum machining performance. The right coating can also help to avoid galling and remove chips effectively. An aluminum titanium nitride coating can produce an oxide layer at high temperatures and increase the lubricity of the cutting tool.

Machining PEEK

PEEK plastic is also difficult to machine, but Rayco uses its CNC equipment with this specialized polymer. For medical-grade PEEK, the plastic is typically machine-dried to avoid jeopardizing its biocompatibility. Silicone carbide cutting tools are used for unfilled or natural PEEK, but diamond tools are the right choice for PEEK plastic that’s reinforced with carbon fiber.

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