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Metal Fabrication Capabilities

The metal fabrication capabilities you need are all under one roof at Rayco of Schenectady, Inc. We provide CNC machining, water jet cutting, and metal finishing services to industries like power generation, medical, aerospace, and defense.

cnc machining | automatd manufacturing
CNC machining uses computer-controlled machine tools for the precise and efficient machining of metals, plastics, and other materials. Unlike conventional machining methods, CNC machines can optimize cutting parameters and automate repetitive tasks
water jet cutting

Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting uses a high-pressure jet of water and garnet abrasive to cut through hard materials like metal and glass. This cold-cutting process won’t cause distortion or hardening, and it can cut intricate shapes with a high degree of precision.
metal finishing
Metal finishing improves the surface quality of parts. Whether it’s by grinding, blasting, coating, plating, or anodizing, Rayco of Schenectady can surface finish your parts that they’re smoother, more corrosion resistant, and longer lasting.

Superior Metal Fabrication

When you compare our metal fabrication capabilities to those of our competitors, the choice is clear. Plus, Rayco is committed to quality and has the application experience and technical knowledge that you need.