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Contract Manufacturing Services

Contract manufacturing services from Rayco of Schenectady range from quantity-based vs. time-based deliveries to monthly quota jobs and light assembly work. When you need thousands of parts on a tight timetable, and then repeat batches after that, you’ll find that manufacturing metal parts with Rayco is the smart way to do business, especially when quality counts.

Unlike other metal parts manufacturers, Rayco’s contract metal fabrication services provide greater value. For full-service contract manufacturing that cuts, mills, and finishes precision parts, we have the equipment and workforce that you need. After all, contract metal manufacturing for the power generation, medical, aerospace, and defense industries isn’t a job for just any metal components manufacturer.

Manufacturing Services

water jet cutting

Prototyping and Design

Rayco can help design and build a prototype of your product.

Fabrication and Assembly

Equipped to do it right and scale to your production needs


Custom Part Manufacturing

Rayco’s custom metal fabrication capabilities also mean that we have the flexibility to manufacture highly specialized products.

Metal Fabrication Capabilities

Water Jet Cutting

Three-axis water jet cutting from Rayo is fast, accurate, and cost-effective for prototypes and quick turn service.

cnc machining

CNC Machining

Multi-axis CNC machining from Rayco combines the precision of computer-controlled fabrication with the efficiency of a single setup and shorter tooling.

metal finishing

Metal Finishing and Plating

Rayco of Schenectady provides industrial metal finishing and plating services for the parts that we make with our multi-axis CNC machining equipment and abrasive water jet cutter.