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Fabrication and Assembly

Rayco of Schenectady provides metal fabrication and product assembly services to industry leaders in the power generation, medical, defense, and aerospace industries. Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or Tier 2 supplier, we have the application experience and technical expertise that you need to bring products to market more quickly, or to repair and replace them more efficiently. 

All Metal Fabricators Aren't the Same

Rayco is a Made in USA metal fabricator with CNC machining and water jet cutting capabilities. We also provide metal finishing services, including plating, and can assemble your products. Working with us is easier than sourcing multiple vendors, each with different capabilities and customer requirements. From vendor consolidation to precision machining, you can save time and money by working with us.

CNC Metal Fabrication

CNC metal fabrication at Rayco transforms sheets, slabs, billets, and other forms of stock metal into custom shapes with intricate geometries with precise tolerances. Our multi-axis CNC machining equipment can produce components with greater speed and precision than manual machining can achieve, and the benefits for customers include lower labor costs, less material waste, and fewer part defects. 

Water Jet Metal Cutting

As a full-service metal fabricator, Rayco also uses abrasive water jet cutting to produce parts and products with speed and precision. From superior edge quality and 3D cutting and ultra-high precision and the ability to cut virtually a variety of metal materials, the benefits of using abrasive water are clear. Plus, Rayco can then assemble your finished products for added value.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Rayco’s custom metal fabrication capabilities also mean that we have the flexibility to manufacture highly specialized products. If you found us by searching for “metal fabricators near me,” your search results might include local machine shops that run basic parts with standard CNC tolerances. As a custom metal fabricator, Rayco can machine tight-tolerance parts with intricate geometries for demanding applications.

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