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Automation isn’t the only way Rayco of Schenectady, Inc. improves manufacturing efficiency. Our Amsterdam, New York facility uses a cobot for bar stock feeding, but what if your parts don’t fit within our automated manufacturing system? Or, what if the geometry of your parts is too complex to readily support manufacturing automation? That’s where fixturing, 3+2 machining, and machine construction come in.


Rayco can use CNC fixtures to hold your parts in place while they are cut or milled with our multi-axis CNC equipment. Fixturing lets us run more of your parts at once and with reduced loading and tooling charges. Whether your job requires fixtures for turning, milling, drilling, or boring, we can design and manufacture the CNC fixtures you need right here at our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.   

3+2 Machining

3+2 machining from Rayco supports faster feeds and speeds, less deflection, and superior dimensional accuracy. With cube-shaped parts, we can machine five or even six sides all in a single setup. Multi-step operations can be reduced to just one or two steps, and our five-axis CNC equipment can rotate parts on the extra axes.

Machine Construction

Machine construction involves using machines with rotary axes or lathes that also have turning centers. Because Rayco has both milling and turning capabilities, we don’t have to perform multiple setups for a part that is turned and then milled. By streamlining our manufacturing operations, we can also improve cycle times for faster turnarounds.   

Enjoy Greater Manufacturing Efficiency

Rayco of Schenectady, Inc. uses a variety of methods, including automation, to increase our manufacturing efficiency. Because setup times are based on part geometry, we invite you to talk to our team about your next project. Feature-rich parts require more programming and specialized tooling, so now is the time to get started.

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