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Rayco of Schenectady, Inc. uses automated manufacturing to accelerate the production of machined metal parts for the power generation, aerospace, defense, and medical industries. At our Amsterdam, New York facility, we’ve installed a cobot that feeds bar stock to our CNC machining equipment. Along with faster speeds and shorter cycle times, customers enjoy the benefits of greater part-to-part consistency and cost-effective support for high-volume production.  

Cobot Automation

The bar stock that our cobot handles is typically about 3 ft. long. These bars can be made from any of the materials we machine, and their envelope is from 3/8” to 1-3/4”. Because operators don’t need to manually load and unload bars from a cart, the time savings can be considerable. Depending on the number of operations, the savings can range from 1 to 4 minutes per part. Saving 60 seconds might not sound like much, but multiplying 1 minute per part by 60 parts saves you an hour of machine time.

Lights Out Manufacturing

There are other benefits as well. Thanks to our cobot, Rayco doesn’t have to stop machining your parts at the end of a shift. In other words, we aren’t limited to when workers are in our plant between 7 AM and 5 PM. With lights-out manufacturing, we can keep machining parts when the shift is over or when our last employee leaves for the day. Manufacturing automation also helps us to control labor costs. Plus, we can assign our skilled workforce to tasks other than feeding a machine one bar at a time.  

Automated Manufacturing Saves Time and Money

Do you need machined metal parts for the power generation, aerospace, defense, and medical industries? Rayco of Schenectady offers prototype CNC machining services, and we can support you through high-volume production with our automated manufacturing capabilities. With manual bar stock feeding, the hopper or magazine limits how long a manufacturer can run. With Rayco, the possibilities for CNC machining that’s fast, efficient, and cost-effective are limitless.     

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